Sally was one of the most important Australian traditional singers and musicians recorded by John Meredith beginning in 1955, when she was aged in her sixties.  These recordings are online at the National Library of Australia’s Trove website – see the index of her tunes below. Later recordings of Sally by Warren Fahey in 1976 and Max Crockett in 1970 have been included with permission. The site will be updated as any other recordings of Sally’s playing become available.

Sally was born in 1894 at Parkes NSW and lived in NSW all her life. She was a gifted singer and played the one row button accordion, violin, concertina, piano, guitar and mouth organ.

Sally playing melodeon
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A list of Sally’s recorded tunes follows, with links to each original recording. Highlighted titles link to transcriptions of each tune with additional information and notes on her playing style. Website created by Ian Hayden in 2016. Last updated 2nd Sept 2022. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tune title Web link Tune type Instrument
Annie Shaw’s tune waltz melodeon
Blackberry Blossoms reel melodeon
Blackberry Blossoms reel fiddle
Blackbird, The set dance / song lilting
Bob’s polka melodeon
Bold McGuinness // song melody fiddle
Bonnie Maggie                 (Highland Laddie) 2/4 march melodeon
Boys of the Dardanelles 6/8 march melodeon
Bright Shades of Blue song melody melodeon
Caroline of Edinburgh Town song melody melodeon
Charming Judy Callaghan          (Nora Criona) single jig fiddle
Coming Down the Mountain hornpipe mouth organ
Coming Down the Mountain hornpipe fiddle
The Convict’s Return waltz melodeon
   Dandy Jim polka melodeon
Devil Among the Tailors reel fiddle
Finnegan’s Wake march melodeon
Flowers of Edinburgh reel melodeon
Garryowen  (“Rory O’Moore”) jig melodeon
Golden Haired Girl song melody fiddle
Harvest Home “breakdown” or hornpipe melodeon
Haste to the Wedding jig melodeon
Hiawatha two-step melodeon
I’ve Got a Bonnet polka melodeon
Impudent Barney O’Hay single jig

mouth organ

Ireland Free Once More song melody fiddle
Irish Washerwoman jig melodeon
Irish Washerwoman Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording jig melodeon
Jack’s waltz waltz melodeon
Jack’s waltz Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording waltz melodeon
Jenny Lind polka melodeon
Killaloe schottische melodeon
Kitty Jones  (“Orange and the Green”) fling melodeon
Kitty’s Rambles jig melodeon
Knickerbocker Line song melody melodeon
Larry Doolin                (Mrs Casey) jig melodeon
Learning MacPherson to Waltz waltz melodeon
Martin O’Flynn (Father O’Flynn) jig melodeon
Martin O’Flynn (Father O’Flynn) Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording jig melodeon
Miss McLeod’s reel reel mouth organ & jaw harp
Miss McLeod’s reel reel melodeon
Morning Star (“Sally’s reel”) reel melodeon
Mountain Belle schottische melodeon
Mountains of Mourne Warren Fahey’s 1976 interview with Sally waltz melodeon
Mudgee waltz Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording waltz melodeon
Mum’s mazurka  (Sally Sloane’s mazurka) mazurka melodeon
Mum’s mazurka no.2   (Mum’s mazurka) mazurka melodeon
Mum’s reel Warren Fahey’s 1976 interview with Sally (Session7@ 9min30s) reel lilting
My Father Was A Dutchman                    (Spanish waltz) waltz mazurka melodeon
Nicky Nick-Nack (The Chandler’s Wife) jig fiddle
The Old Clay Pipe jig mouth organ
Old Dan Tucker (“Sally’s reel no.2”) reel melodeon
Over the Waves Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording waltz melodeon
Paddy Casey song melody melodeon
Paddy Fagan song melody melodeon
Paddy Couldn’t Dance (“Rosin the bow”) song melody melodeon
Paddy My Dear, Don’t Bother Me http: // jig song melody
Phil the Fluter’s Ball song melody melodeon
Pop Goes the Weasel Warren Fahey’s 1976 interview with Sally jig melodeon
Quaker’s Wife jig melodeon
Rakes of Mallow polka melodeon
Rickett’s horpipe hornpipe melodeon
Rocky Road to Dublin (by Mrs Gibbons) slip jig melodeon
Rocky Road to Dublin slip jig melodeon
Rose Tree  (“Sweet Paddy’s Land”) polka melodeon
Sally Sloane’s Jig jig lilting
Sally Sloane’s polka polka melodeon
Sally Sloane’s three-part jig jig melodeon
Sally’s Rambles              (Connaughtman’s Rambles) jig lilting
Set tune        (Gulgong set tune) march melodeon
‘First set’ tune (Gulgong set tune) march mouth organ
Shamus O’Brien waltz melodeon
Soldier’s Joy reel melodeon
Sporting Paddy   (Old Wheels of the World) reel fiddle
St Patrick’s Day in the Morning jig melodeon
A Starry Night for a Ramble waltz melodeon
Step dance tune reel melodeon
Stockyards set tune (by Sally’s twin sister, Mrs Gibbons) jig melodeon
Tatter Jack Welsh jig lilting
Tenpenny Bit jig melodeon
The Unfortunate Rake  (Up Sligo) jig melodeon
Unknown 6/8 march mouth organ
Unknown set tune 6/8 march melodeon
Unknown song melody song melody melodeon
Up in a Balloon song melody lilting
Up with the Orange, the Purple and Blue jig fiddle
Up Sligo jig melodeon
Varsovienna varsovienna melodeon
Varsovienna variant Warren Fahey’s 1976 interview with Sally varsovienna melodeon
Varsovienna (by Mrs Gibbons) varsovienna melodeon
Wexford Murder song melody melodeon
What Would you do if the Billy Boiled Over jig fiddle
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Warren Fahey’s 1976 interview with Sally waltz mouth organ
Wind That Shakes the Barley reel melodeon
With My Shillelagh Under My Arm Max Crockett’s 1970 tape recording song melody in 6/8 melodeon